Kessig is, geographically, the largest province of the Dominion. It is composed of rolling hills and farmland, often surrounded by dense, dark woods. Although Gavony is nearby, travel is rough on the long roads.

In addition to the rising dead, Kessig is a land beset by werewolves, as well as other denizens of the deep wilderness. These vicious beasts regularly hunt the woods of the province, and prey upon the towns and outposts from within as from without.

Kessig is plentiful in natural resources, which make up its largest exports. Woods are cleared away for lumber and farmland, and the clearings are suitable for livestock. Hunting is uncommon, as werewolves have extinguished much of the game, and hunters themselves often become the hunted. As the primary supplier of the Dominion’s food and natural resources, Kessig consists of a scattering of farming villages, mines, lumber camps, trading posts, and time-worn fort towns, and therefore maintains a frontier atmosphere to this day.

The thickest forest, the Ulvenwald, is rarely investigated, and its depths are seldom graced with direct sunlight.

Points of Interest
Kessig Fort Towns


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