Tag: Praesidium


  • Nordvia

    Look at the map, jackasses. It's the continental shelf the campaign takes place on. All five main regions of it used to be under the thumb of [[the Praesidium of Thraben]], but now the central three form [[the Dominion]].

  • Thraben

    Capital of [[Gavony]], seat of [[the Owlish Council]], erstwhile home of [[the Praesidium of Thraben]], and largest city in all of [[Nordvia]], Thraben is a city of high walls and stern architecture. Built upon a massive wedge that juts from the rolling …

  • Kessig Fort Towns

    [[Kessig]]'s population is rather spread out, but does convene nonetheless around several ancient fortifications which have been maintained and expanded since the days of [[the Praesidium of Thraben]], the most notable of which are [[Norn's Trust]], [[Ott …