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  • Nordvia

    Look at the map, jackasses. It's the continental shelf the campaign takes place on. All five main regions of it used to be under the thumb of [[the Praesidium of Thraben]], but now the central three form [[the Dominion]].

  • the Dominion

    After the collapse of [[the Praesidium of Thraben]] just over 200 years ago, the gold dragon [[:auriastra | Auriastra]] gathered the druids of [[Nordvia]] and placed them in control of what provinces could be salvaged, thereafter referred to collectively …

  • Kessig

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/86866/Kessigmap.JPG(Kessigmap)! Kessig is, geographically, the largest province of [[the Dominion]]. It is composed of rolling hills and farmland, often surrounded by dense, dark woods. Although [[Gavony]] is nearby, …

  • Stencia

    The southernmost region of [[Nordvia]], the Baronies of Stencia consist of a handful of city-states and fiefdoms, all of which are ruled over by diversely capricious and hedonistic [[Vampire Bloodlines | Vampire Lords]]. The darkest region of [[Nordvia]], …

  • Saneth

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/86863/Sanethmap.JPG(Sanethmap)! The norhernmost landmass of [[Nordvia]], Saneth's northern coast is pure conjecture, as it is locked in polar ice year round. Too remote to have fallen under the relatively modest …

  • the Hinterlands

    The Hinterlands are a broad and unexplored wilderness beyond the mountains. The most mysterious and unknown region of [[Nordvia]], none can account for what lies beyond its bleak mountains.

  • the Barrier Peaks

    The Barrier Peaks are a ubiquitous chain of mountains which cleave the [[Nordvia | Nordvian]] mainland from north to south, the other side of which is referred to as [[the Hinterlands]].