Estimated abilities
-Layla Civedul: Artificer (minimum level 10)
-Pierre Civedul: Necromancer (level 6 elite), only while stoned on Stencian cigars
-Ivan: Cat (Level UNKNOWN)


The traveling family of Pierre and Layla Civedul, along with their pet cat, Ivan, travel between the various Kessig Fort Towns and Innsmouth, stocking up their shops with magic items they purchase or trade for throughout, and being contributing members of society. They sell these back to the Wardens, villagers, and other travelers to keep everyone well defended in times of need.

The traveling stitchers Pierre and Layla Ludevic, along with their cat-like minion, Ivan, travel between the various Kessig Fort Towns, Innsmouth, and the Corpse Market, stocking up their labs with fresh corpses and necromantic energies to create unholy abominations which “inadvertently” escape the lab. They collect the bodies and spirits of villagers and other travelers, spreading fear and panic around.

They seem to be a happy couple, and try to get along well with each other and in society.


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