He can cook, but it'll probably be garlicky

In the Murkdive bunk-house, Quinn and Gordon are both startled awake by an unperceived threat. The rest of the group is roused, including newcomer Ash Temple, and a brief investigation of the room reveals mysterious tracks in the dust; mysterious because they originate and return through a closed window, locked from the inside and properly warded against spirits.
Reawakening later, the party notices a wanted poster for Ludevic, a stitcher suspected to be operating in the area. Determining him to be the most likely culprit for the caravan attack, and finding the bounty to be acceptable, the party head out to Carbine Manor to apprehend him.
Arriving at the mostly sunken structure surrounded by overturned gravestones, the party is first confronted by a pack of necrotized wolves on the grounds, and then within by a nest of immense spiders.
After taking a six-hour dinner break in the attic, the party descend further. They soon find themselves arriving in what used to be the main entry hall of Carbine Manor, still attended by now zombified servants. Having defeated these undead, the party are then plunged through the rotting floor and into a pit of corpses. There they are addressed by Ludevic via a speaking tube, but choose to keep their presence undisclosed. Meanwhile, something is stirring under their feet…



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