Toads. It had to be toads.

In a mostly empty caravan wagon out of Innsmouth and on it’s way to Valron’s Pledge ride Ilikan Iron-Wolf, Quinn, Briarthorn Bloodthistle, Gordon Seatooth, and Kel’ven Greensleeves. After three days’ peaceful travel a suspicious avalanche wipes out the entire caravan, leaving only the above and a few other able-bodied survivors. After they fend off a pack of ravenous wolves, Captain Arthur sends the party to Murkdive Outpost to get help, whilst he and the surviving guardsmen protect the wounded and the caravan’s payload of silver.
The party, with Kel’ven in tow, plunge into the swamp where they run into a band of bullywugs. Arriving at the outpost, the party alerts the guards therein and are given horses to return to the crash site with haste. Skirting the swamp, the party is waylaid by the same group of bullywugs, now risen as zombies and accompanied by immense toads, who proceed to ravage Iron-Wolf and Gordon in particular.
Returning finally to the caravan, the party finds Arthur and his men killed and reanimated, and all of the bodies removed from the area, with werewolf tracks the only clue as to what happened. The Murkdive guard arrive not long after to retrieve the silver, and the party are offered cots back at the outpost which they accept.



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