First Night in Valron's Pledge

Recently, Kelven’s Escort Team entered Valron’s Pledge with the intention of finding shelter for the night of the full moon, while following the tracks of Ludevic. As it turns out, things became a little awkward that night. They encountered an inquisitor of bahamut in the process of escorting a very dangerous prisoner. Quinn was revealed to be a werewolf. The black-cloaked, ghostly form spooked the party again. Wards against the werewolves started failing around the city, falling from their hooks. Some mysterious figures were wandering around picking up bodies. Effectively, everything went wrong.

In the aftermath, Briarthorn tried to lay claim as mayor. Kava Firesign abandoned her charge of Katherine. Kel’ven said they would have to stay in town until a census was performed and the dead were properly disposed of.



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